Chance brought us together in Spain - Galicia - A Coruña.

Having performed in many opera houses, concert halls and auditoriums, festivals and renowned artistic meetings, especially in Germany, and in recent years also in Spain, Carmen Duran, a prizewinning singer of solid technical and musical training, and the author of these lines, were looking for new fields of artistic activity.

So there we met the well-known jazz pianist and composer Alberto Conde, who is also teaching at the Conservatory of Music A Coruña.

We’re welcomed with open arms, enthusiasm and huge disposal to immediately begin organizing a musical project together. For reasons of personal taste and our previous experience with the warm reception by the public and critics, the primary purpose was to explore the rich field of Brazilian music, if possible with a modern jazz approach, other than the classic style we were accustomed to.

Already during our first contacts for discussing a suitable repertoire and some questions about interpretation, and considering as well the enormous proliferation of existing works in this area, we rejected the idea of entering the field of bossa nova and similar genres.

In Germany we had participated (Carmen Durán and myself) in lots of classical concerts and recitals including Villa-Lobos, L. Fernández, F. Mignone, C. Guarnieri, O. Lacerda, V. Henrique, C. Santoro, as well as Luis Bonfá, Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Toquinho and other sacred monsters of this great tropical species.